Thank you very much for your visit. I hope you enjoy my humble tea blog.

I enjoy drinking and studying tea seriously since the early 90s.  Prior to that, tea  was just a casual beverage as I grew up in an environment with abundant tea cultures. I enjoy all the good teas from all over the world and done a lot of research  and travelled to many countries (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Sri Lanka and of course at where I am based, in Singapore) to experience their tea cultures .

I have a good collection of teas which I drink often everyday. Most of my tea collection are focus on Puer and Yancha . I also enjoy many other teas like those from Taiwan, Darjeeling, Chinese tea, from white to black and of course those seasonal tea like green tea including Japanese tea.

Most of the time, I often drink, study and learn relentlessly on all the teas  no matter how new, old or expensive, just to experience and understand the tea. It is what tea should be, for learning, appreciation and understanding.

After so many decades, I consider myself as a “Tea Slave”.  I will go into laborious task to explore tea everyday without fail. It often seems laborious and  bitter from the outside but definitely, it is very sweet inside.  🙂

My contact …ohh 🙂 , I often lost in the wilderness of my fleeting  imaginations. I only check on the mail occasionally. Nevertheless, it is:


Do drop me a line, if there is anything. I will reply for sure, but my humble apologies if the reply is slow.

Be mindful with life. Don’t let it zips by.  Experience, appreciate and enjoy its’ journey.

And, most of all, be kind and humble.

Have a great tea day, everyday!

Again, thank you very much for your visit.


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