Yixing teapot especially the single-hole discharge spout tend to clog often.  Usually a small tooth pick is used to poke into the hole to unclog the choke.  It has to be done gently (gently~gently… ya)  in order not to break the teapot’s spout.

Spout picker

In the spirit of recycling, this damaged bamboo tea utensil is repaired and improvised. A loose piece of bamboo toothpick can  be fixed in and disposed of after used.  That makes a really nice tool to clear clogged teapot.  With disposable tooth pick, it is definitely more hygienic.

Spout Picker 2

It is really enjoyable to recycle and carve this piece of tea utensil. On top of that, it definitely has more sentimental value now.

Choky teapots? Have no fear, Pokey  is here.